Friday, July 5, 2013

Gettng Rid of Diaper Stains

Cloth diaper stains are a bust! Fortunately,
 there are a few remedies to help remove stains.
My number one stain remover remedy is the SUN!
The sun is such a wonderful addition to your cloth diaper
wash routine and provides essential power to diapers.
The sun naturally:
*removes stink
*removes/fades stains
ALL FOR FREE! I like free...

I consider sunning our diapers absolutely essential. If you are unable to place your diapers outside or have wacky weather, even laying diapers by an opened or closed window does a great job. Any sort of natural light or fresh air will help cloth diapers. Sometimes I will put the drying rack buy an open window over night and let the fresh breeze do it's thing! 
In order to make the most of the stain removing
power of the sun, follow these steps:
After your diapers are finished in the washer (wash routine), use a clothes line or drying rack hang diapers with stains facing up. I like to lay any diaper that is stained on the top rack. Also, be sure that the stained area is slightly damp because that will help the sun "evaporate" the stain. If you are pulling diapers right out of the washer they should be damp enough, but use a spray bottle of water to concentrate a stain if you want. (I like to lightly spritz the whole rack right before they go outside, especially if they've been waiting over night to go outside.) Breastfed poo stains are like magic to get rid of! Once solid foods are introduced, stains are slightly harder to completely erase, but they do fade!
I do not have an exclusively breastfed baby anymore,
but I will add before and after pictures as so as I do!

When my fist set of drying racks needed to be replaced (since we use them EVERY day, they eventually fell apart), I have come up with alternative ways to get the diapers out in the sun. This was during our in between stage when I was getting new racks:

Other ways to help remove stains are certain laundry products and soaks.
These are helpful especially when you do not have a lot of sunlight to work with.
But remember that any of these remedies will
work even better when paired with the SUN!

*Treat the stained area with Babyganics Stain Remover before washing
*Soak stained diapers in a sink full of hot water and a scoop of Oxiclean Free. Rinse the diaper and ring out before adding to your other diapers in the wash.
*Spot clean the stain with baking soda, Bac-Out, or Oxiclean Free. Spray or sprinkle your spot cleaner onto the stain and let it sit or scrub with a toothbrush or small scrubber. Let is soak in hot water and rinse before adding to your wash. 

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