Friday, July 5, 2013

Cloth Diaper Detergent/Booster

A cloth diaper safe detergent is a must when using cloth diapers. It is important that your diapers are clean, stink-free, and stain free. While I can't guarantee that all of your diapers will be stain free (check out my post on diaper stains), I can promise an easy wash routine! It's also important to avoid softeners, fragrances, enzymes, and any additive when washing cloth. Any of the things I listed will  mess with the performance of your diaper.
Since we started to use cloth diapers, we have gone through a few different cloth diaper safe detergents. We realized what works for our diapers, and we worked through any bumps along the way.  A year later, I can safety say that I have found the perfect wash routine that works for us. Every baby is different. You might have issues that need resolving (stink, repelling, leaks), and this detergent is easy, simple, and does the trick. If you are having issues with your diapers, its important to go back to basics and simplify your wash routine. Get rid of any "extras" that you might think are helping...they might actually be the problem. For example, any product that is suppose to freshen, or help cloth diapers might not be rinsed out fully and be lingering in the diaper, causing stick issues. Even if the product is "cloth diaper safe"' if may be causing an issue. Don't stay away from CD safe products all together! Just remember to use very little in your wash routine and only use CD safe creams and bum products on your baby so as to not ruin or mess up your diapers. If you find that your diapers are not performing well, (stinky, repelling, leaking), it may be time to strip them. (Stay tuned for my post on stripping diapers) 

Here is my detergent "recipe":

Equal party Oxygen cleaner (I use Oxiclean Free), baking soda, and washing soda. Scoop them in a jar or container and mix! Use one to three scoop depending on your water or machine. I have a front loading HE machine and soft water. I use about two tablespoons.

I have found that this detergent does great on its own,
but I also like to use it as a booster with these detergents:

 Country Save
because the Oxiclean, baking soda, and washing soda are not necessarily "detergents," I like to have these two detergents on hand to spice up my laundry loads by switching it up every other load or two. Do what works best for you! Just don't feel intimidated! When in doubt, do an extra rinse ;-)

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