Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Caring for Orchids

Orchids are my absolute favorite!
There are so many beautiful varieties and colors.

Caring for orchids is simple and fun. I am not an orchid expert, BUT I have been caring for several orchid plants for a while and have figured out how to properly care for the delicate flower. Here is a short caring guide if you want to keep an orchid plant or two in your home.

It is easy to over water your orchid plant! As much as we feel like plants or flowers need water every day, an orchid only need to be watered every 7-12 days. I water my plant every ten days give or take.  As long as the leaves are a rich, dark green color, then your orchid is well nourished and should bloom nicely. It is important the your orchid receives good, indirect sunlight. I leave mine on our dining room table where it is able to get about 50% sunshine.

Here is a break down:

*nice dark leaves
*indirect sunlight
*water every 10 days

Your orchid flowers will eventually wilt and fall off,
leaving an empty little stub.
Keep caring for your orchid as usual and in about a month,
the flowers will bloom back.
I am not sure how long this particular plant will last.
I am pretty sure I will get through a few more blooms!

I purchased this orchid with three bloomed flowers. These are pictures of the second bloom. I have not added any soil to the plant that I purchased. I just took the smaller pot out of the bigger pot that it came in and set it into an owl pitcher. I bought my orchid at Trader Joe's


If you are looking for more in depth orchid information,
check out this site: ORCHID INFO