Saturday, April 26, 2014

Potty Training & Other Exciting News!!

Theresa is officially potty trained! Both girls only wear diapers at naptime and night time. Rachel will be four in September and I am thinking that she will be completely out of diapers by then. I am leaving it up to her to make that decision since she went to panties so soon (the month she turned two). Theresa will turn two in June, so I see her in a nighttime diaper for a while as well.

Diaper loads and diapering in general is not super exciting over here anymore, but not to worry because we are EXPECTING BABY #3!!! And IT'S A GIRL!!

I am in full nesting, cleaning, and diapering mode right now prepping for this sweet baby! I still have a ton of things cloth diaper and baby related that I want to post and talk about. Keep an eye out for new things! 

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